Black Powder The oldest explosive known to man and we owe
it all to the Chinese alchemists and an English monk, Roger Bacon.

We stock large quantities of Black Powder for all your needs
Fireworks, cannon, muskets, other firearms and SFX.

To buy Black Powder you will need
to hold a valid COER certificate

You can email through your certificate to speed up the process.

We can supply various grades of Black Powder to re-enactment societies. We can also provide SFX smoke puffs made with huge bottles of Black Powder.

Black Powder

We stock various grades of Black Powder, used for fireworks, SFX, Firearms and Cannon.


Cannon fuse, safety fuse, Electric Fuse, Slowmatch, Quickmatch and Detonators.

Storage Containers

We build standard ply Black Powder storage boxes and also steel HT1 storage containers.

High Explosives

PETN, NG and RDX based

We provide complete explosive solutions for industry and for the entertainment industry. Low explosives and High Explosives

Special Effect - SFX for TV and Film

We are experts in the SFX industry

We have provided SFX for all of the major TV production companies and channels including; Amazon, BBC, ITV, Discovery, Channel 4 and many more. We are the SFX team behind Top Gear and The Grand Tour.

Popular Products

Here are some of our best sellers

Coarse Black Powder From £14.99

Medium Black Powder From £19.99

Cannon Fuse from £2/m

Black Powder Storage Box Custom built powder store from £149.99