The finest quality Black Powder

Our Powder Range

Coarse Black Powder 500g - £14.99 This Coarse powder ranges between 4-6mm across.

Medium Black Powder 500g - £19.99 This Medium grade Black Powder ranges in size between 2-4mm across.

Fine Black Powder £19.99 - 250g This fine Black Powder ranges in size between 1-2mm across.

Nano Black Powder £9.99 - 100g This Nano Black Powder ranges in size between 0.01-1mm across.

Bulk discounts are available for orders over 5kg. Please contact us for more information. All our powder is supplied in standard 500g bottles unless otherwise requested. We can also supply Black Powder alternatives such as Pyrodex and Triple 7, but we hold limited stock. As well as double base powders.

Lead ammunition is also available, this is made to order. Please contact us with your calibre and requirements.

More about Black Powder

The Black Powder we supply is used extensively in firework production, muzzule loaders and SFX. Other uses are...

  • SFX
  • Instant smoke
  • Propellant
  • Cannons
  • Fireworks
  • Re-enactment societies

Other items we supply

Here are some other products you may be interested in...

Cannon Fuse We hold stock of various different fuses, cannon fuse, safety fuse, quick match and also electrical igniters.

Detonators Detonators are essential for setting off High Explosives. You must hold a current acquire and keep licence in order to purchase these.

High Explosives We mainly stock HE used for the Special Effects Industry. We stock detcord and Plastic and Dynamite.

Explosive Storage We supply standard Black Powder storage boxes as well as high end HT1 storage containers, fully ply lined with a detonator annex if required.